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Joey Karz is a sophomore at Brentwood School. He has been studying piano for more than a decade, beginning when he was five years old. Joey’s passion for music led to him beginning to compose original pieces on his own by the time he was 10. Currently, Joey studies piano, music theory, and composition at the Colburn School. In addition, he writes and performs in the jazz band at Brentwood School. Over the last two summers, Joey has attended Interlochen Center for the Arts, where he was deeply inspired by the commitment and creativity he shared with his fellow students during this intense immersion. This past summer at Interlochen, Joey focused on music theory, classical piano, jazz piano and composition. He worked throughout the summer on the first movement of his original sonata, which he performed at the program's final concert. Inspired by a diverse group of musicians, Joey has most closely studied works by composers such as Gustav Holst, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Frederic Chopin, and John Williams. Joey's pursuit of his education in music composition furthers his goal of becoming part of the professional community of musicians and composers.