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1. Before Tickets Go On Sale

  • The waiting room will open at 7:30am on Friday, FEB 3

  • When the waiting room opens, click the “Buy Tickets” button on the LA Phil website to enter the waiting room

  • The waiting room is a pool, not a line. There is no advantage to joining the waiting room early — entering 60 minutes before 10:00am is no different to entering 1 minute before 10:00am

  • All fans in the waiting room prior to 9:59am will be randomly assigned a queue position at 10:00am and will have an equal chance of buying tickets when they go on sale at 10:00am

  • To prevent bots and resellers, we ask that you only enter the waiting room once, from one device

  • Attempting to enter from multiple tabs or devices may result in being kicked out of the waiting room

2. When Tickets Go On Sale

  • Demand for this event is extremely high, and being in the waiting room does not guarantee the opportunity to purchase tickets

  • All fans in the waiting room will be randomly assigned a queue position when tickets go on sale

  • To ensure the smoothest possible onsale experience, fans will be let through to the purchase screen in small groups until tickets are sold out.

  • Once you have added seats to your cart, you will have 20 minutes to complete checkout before your seats are released

  • There is a limit of four tickets per household. Exceeding this limit may result in cancelation of orders.

3. When Tickets Are No Longer Available

  • When tickets are no longer available, everyone remaining in the waiting room will see an updated message that tickets are no longer available. There is no need to refresh the page.