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NCI 2020: Nathaniel Haering's for social media

Watch & Listen

In the LA Phil’s National Composers Intensive, new music composers and performers guide a group of emerging U.S. composers through the process of creating new work, from genesis to performance.

Note from the composer

for social media is an explosive, frenetic, raucous, and at times abruptly intimate exploration of starkly contrasting materials, juxtaposing and combining extreme cacophonous virtuosity and genuine faltering vulnerability, catalyzed and further intensified by the work’s compressed and highly compact time scale and frame an intentional consequence of the piece being crafted specifically to be premiered online and to live primarily on social media. 

Acoustic performance, fixed media, and live electronics intertwine and reinforce one another to create powerful jarring gestures as well as to signify the return of glistening respites while collectively relishing in and magnifying the irregular, dynamic, malleable, and unstable nature of the materials and phenomena that constitute the work’s core.