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Where Should I Sit at Walt Disney Concert Hall?

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The Basics

When architect Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall, he envisioned it as a “living room for the city”—a place where everyone would feel welcome to gather. Since our doors first opened in 2003, people sitting at the Terrace level, in the “bench seats,” and all throughout the space have felt this sense of camaraderie and closeness with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and their fellow audience members.

As a theater in the round, the Hall offers a clear view and ideal acoustics from every angle and distance from the stage. There really isn’t a single bad seat in the house. But different sections offer different experiences! Here’s our guide to where to sit depending on what you want to get out of your trip to Walt Disney Concert Hall.

View the seating chart as you learn about each section below.

Seating Choices

"Front Orchestra" seats are at the stage level, beginning right at the front of the stage and up until the "Orchestra Seats" which are at the Garden level in this center seating arrangement.

Front Orchestra and Orchestra Seats

Best view for: A piano performance. Look for a seat on the left of Front Orchestra (Orchestra East and Terrace East are also good spots to enjoy the pianist). Impress your concert companion with seats so close to the stage, you can see each performer’s face and every instrument’s details.

Things to consider: Front Orchestra are best if you’re looking to splurge on tickets.

View from the "Bench Seats." Some say that sitting here feels like you’re in the orchestra!

Orchestra View and “Bench Seats”

Best view for: Watching the conductor. This section, positioned behind the stage, will give you a good view of the maestro’s face. Some folks even say that sitting here feels like you’re in the orchestra. Rows A-D are bench seats as opposed to the individual seating you can find everyone else in the auditorium. 

Things to consider: These seats are only available for select concerts.

View of and from Orchestra East
View from Orchestra West

Orchestra East and West

Best view for: Feeling close to the action. While Orchestra View gives you a feel for the scope of the concert hall, the intimate overhang of Orchestra East and West, as well as the size of the sections, make the concert feel like it’s being performed in a small space for a handful of friends. Sit in Orchestra East and you can read the sheet music off the bassists’ stands while they play.

Things to consider: People who sit in these seats can be quite visible to the rest of the audience.

View from the Balcony: A great place to take it all in!

Terrace and Balcony

Best view for: Everything! The Terrace and Balcony sections wrap around the entire theater and are great for a bird’s eye view. The Terrace East and West sections are another great option for a piano performance. Terrace East are the best seats to see the piano keys or the pianist’s hands. If you’d rather see the pianist’s face and watch the interaction between the soloist and conductor, Terrace West is what you’re looking for.

Things to consider: It takes several staircases to reach the Balcony, though elevators are also available.

Other Helpful Tips

For easy access to the Walt Disney Concert Hall Blue Ribbon Garden, pick any seat on the Garden Level, especially if you’re joining us for pre-concert drinks.

For the most leg room, try to snag any seat in the first row of any section.

Seating areas for patrons in wheelchairs (and their companions) are available on all levels of Walt Disney Concert Hall. For accessible seating, contact Audience Services at 323 850 2000 or information@laphil.orgComplimentary wheelchair transport from The Music Center curbside locations to the Concert Hall can be requested by calling The Music Center’s Guest Services department at 213 972 0777 at least 24 hours prior to your performance to reserve pick up. And yes—service animals are welcome to enjoy the music. Learn more.