Buying a gift card

Gift Cards make a great gift for families, friends, coworkers. Visit our Gift Cards page for more information and to purchase.

Can I change how my tickets are delivered?

Depending on your concert, we may be able to change the delivery method for your event. If you need to get your tickets electronically, here are the steps:

• Navigate to the My Account Page
• Under My Upcoming Events, click VIEW TICKETS next to the event that you are attending
• Input the desired phone number or email address
• Click SEND

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are only offered in the case of a canceled concert.

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Ticket Exchange
Ticket Donations

Can someone else pick up and get in with my will call tickets?

Absolutely! Call Audience Services (323) 850-2000 to change the name on your will call tickets. You will need to provide a name, address, and phone number for the person picking up the tickets for verification at the Box Office.

Where can I check my gift card balance?

Checking your balance is easy. Simply visit

Donate your tickets

When you cannot use your tickets, please consider giving them to a friend or donating them back to the Box Office so another music lover can attend. Here are the steps for donating online: 

  1. Log in to your LA Phil Account
  2. Click the "View Tickets" button next to the concert for which you have tickets you wish to donate
  3. On the page this takes you to, click the "Donate Tickets" button underneath the given concert date
  4. Choose the Tickets you wish to donate from the Popup Box which comes to screen.
  5. Click the "Donate" button from within the Popup Box.

Note: Once donated, your tickets become invalid and cannot be used. Donations are accepted for Los Angeles Philharmonic events only (LA Master Chorale, Music Center and lease events are excluded.) A receipt for tax purposes will be issued if the seats are resold.  

Click here to learn more about donating your tickets - also available by telephone, in-person and by mail.

How do I check if my tickets are valid/authentic?

The only way to know your tickets are valid or authentic is to buy directly from the LA Phil (online via our website, over the phone (323) 850-2000 or in person at the Box Office).
We cannot verify tickets bought from a third-party.

Can I print more than one copy of my tickets?

Multiple copies can bring trouble. Reprinting tickets can invalidate the barcode causing issues at the gate or at your seat. You don’t want to miss invaluable time getting this situation sorted out.

How do I request accessible seating?

Accessible seats may be purchased online just like buying any other ticket.  Look for the wheelchair and companion logos on the seating chart.  You may also purchase accessible seats over the phone with Audience Services at (323) 850-2000.

How to exchange?

Can’t make your concert? Subscribers and Create Your Own patrons can exchange their tickets up to 24 hours before the concert.

Online exchange instructions:
Note: Online exchange is only available for Subscribers.  It is not available for Create-Your-Own (CYO) patrons.

• Add desired new seats to your cart.
• Return to your account by clicking your name at the top and selecting MY ACCOUNT from the drop-down menu.
• Click VIEW TICKETS next to the concert you want to exchange out of in the "My Upcoming Events" section (in the center).
• Click RETURN TICKETS. In the dialogue box, select the seats you want to exchange out of and click RETURN.
• Click CART (at the top of the page).
• Look for your exchange credit noted in the cart upon clicking through. Continue through the checkout process to complete your exchange.


I haven't received (or accidentally deleted) the email I need to print my tickets at home. What do I do?

We’re here to help! You can text or email the tickets to yourself.
To send your tickets via text or email, here are the steps:
• Navigate to the My Account Page
• Under My Upcoming Events, click VIEW TICKETS next to the event that you are attending
• Click the checkbox next to the desired seats
• Input the desired phone number or email address
• Click SEND

NOTE: This process will invalidate any previous tickets that may have been sent (mail or electronic). Please use your most recently received tickets.

I purchased through Goldstar

Please contact Goldstar for questions regarding tickets purchased on their site or review their FAQ's.

Goldstar Contact Us Page
Goldstar FAQs

Lost/Haven't Received Tickets

Misplaced tickets? Don’t worry, we have a few options for you.
To send your tickets via text or email, here are the steps:
• Navigate to the My Account Page 
• Under My Upcoming Events, click VIEW TICKETS next to the event that you are attending
• Click the checkbox next to the desired seats
• Input the desired phone number or email address
• Click SEND

NOTE: This process will invalidate any previous tickets that may have been sent (mail or electronic). Please use your most recently received tickets
You may also visit the Box Office before your performance to request a reprint of your tickets. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time and have a photo ID with you.

My delivery method is "Delayed" what does that mean?

To help prevent fraud, we occasionally delay printing tickets until closer to the event.  Your tickets will be delivered within two weeks of the event.  

Name changes

Notice an error in your name?  Did your name legally change?  Click the Contact Us page to let us know and we’ll update your account.  

Payment with more than one credit card

If you desire to pay with more than one credit card, please contact Audience Services to complete your transaction.  We cannot accept more than one credit at a time online.

What does obstructed/partial view mean?

It means you’ll be unable to see the entire stage from those seats. You’ll have either an incomplete view because of the position of the seats, or something will be in your line of sight – like a handrail, speakers, or the soundboard.

We sell these seats because for many fans an obstructed view is not a problem, and the tickets are clearly labeled at the time of purchase. If you have purchased obstructed/partial view in error, please contact us and we will do our best to try to relocate you.

These seats are marked with different icons on the seat map and in your cart.

Why are there fees?

Fees may apply when you purchase a ticket online or over the phone. Tickets purchased at the Box Office may not incur such a fee. The fee is displayed once you add a ticket to your cart so that you are aware of the fees before proceeding with your purchase. 

What does the fee cover: The is fees are used to cover all the costs associated with purchasing tickets. This includes but is not limited to: web hosting, ticketing hardware, customer support, training, credit and debit card processing services, email processing, merchant fees, computer hardware and software, telephone lines, labor and more.

Why do we request your address, zip code, and phone number?

The information requested may be used for a variety of purposes related to the ticket purchase transaction. These purposes can vary by transaction, but include, for example, allowing us to: ship/deliver tickets and/or receipts; respond to customer service requests; review and enforce limits on the number of tickets purchased per event and to help prevent credit card fraud.

Why is there a ticket limit?

Sometimes artist management will place a ticket limiter by customer, credit card, billing address, and other criteria to provide access to as many fans as possible.
The criteria can change depending on the type of event. Please adhere to published ticket limits. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders and tickets canceled without notice.

How do I purchase tickets?

You have several options:

• In person at the Box Office (Tues – Sunday, 12 noon – 6 pm Closed Monday). The Box Office will be open 2 hours before each event and remain open until 30 minutes after performance start time.

• Over the phone with Audience Services at 323.850.2000 (daily, 10am-6pm)

• Over the internet via

Group Sales

For groups of ten or more, please contact Group Sales at 323.850.2050. See Group Sales page of this website for further information.

Forward To A Friend

Need to get a ticket to a friend? You can now send tickets via text message or email. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the My Account Page and log in to your account
  2. Under My Upcoming Events, click VIEW TICKETS next to the event that you wish to forward
  3. On the event page this takes you to, click the SEND button in order to bring up additional options
  5. Click the checkbox next to the desired seats
  6. Input the desired phone number or email address
  7. Click SEND

NOTE: This process will invalidate any previous tickets that may have been sent (mail or electronic). Please use the most recently forwarded tickets.

Open Rehearsals

Some morning rehearsals at the Bowl are open to the public. Call 323 850 2000 for the latest information.

Audience Services representatives are available to assist with all your Bowl-related questions, seven days a week, 10 am to 6 pm, at 323 850 2000.

Planning Your Visit

When should I arrive?

It's a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes before your concert time (double that, if it's your first visit). Then you'll have plenty of time to park, peruse the program, and prepare yourself for the experience.

Visit our Getting Here page for directions, parking details, public transportation, and traffic advisory. 

Late Seating/Re-Entry: In consideration of our artists and patrons, late seating and re-entry will take place during the first appropriate pause in the program at the discretion of management. Certain programs are performed without intermission; in those cases, late seating and re-entry may not be available at all. For the convenience of latecomers or those that exit the theater during the performance, the performance can be viewed and heard on monitors throughout the lobbies.

Many concertgoers arrive early to take part in pre-concert events. Check your concert's performance detail page for details.

May I bring children under 6?

No children under 6 years old will be admitted to LA Phil Presents Classical, World Music, Jazz, Chamber, Baroque and Contemporary concerts at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Children five to eleven years of age are encouraged to attend the Toyota Symphonies for Youth concerts which are programmed especially for families (children under two not admitted). Children two and up may be admitted to the Holiday Sing-Along concerts, which are an excellent introduction to music for the entire family.

Due to the acoustic sophistication of Walt Disney Concert Hall, we ask that everyone in your party, regardless of age, be able to sit quietly through a 2-hour concert without disturbing other patrons or the artists. Ushers may ask parents whose children are noisy or uncomfortable to take them outside of the Concert Hall. If there is repeated disruption, we reserve the right to revoke admission and refund your ticket price, excluding service charges.

Patrons of all ages must have a ticket to enter the Concert Hall and must sit in the seat indicated on the ticket.

For more information about accessibility, hall amenities, and theater policies, please call 323.850.2000.

May I take photos or record the music?

The use of any recording devices, including cameras, is not permitted in Walt Disney Concert Hall at any time.

Patrons with Disabilities

Please visit our Accessibility Info webpage for further details.

How do I get to Walt Disney Concert Hall?

Walt Disney Concert Hall is located at the south end of the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles, at 111 South Grand Avenue, between First and Second Streets. Map and Directions Parking Information From 101 South: exit Temple, continue straight onto Hope St.; turn left at 2nd Place, bear left onto Kosciuszko, left at Lower Grand. Entrance to parking is on your left. From 110 North: exit 4th St., stay left and follow signs to Music Center, left on Lower Grand. From 110 South: exit (left lane) at Hill; turn right onto Temple, left at Hope, left at 2nd Place, bear left onto Kosciuszko, left at Lower Grand. Parking is available directly beneath Walt Disney Concert Hall; enter on Second Street or Lower Grand Avenue. Regular parking costs $9 ($23 valet parking at the Hope St. entrance) beginning at 5:00 p.m. for evening concerts, two hours before weekday matinees and all day on weekends; please bring cash. Accessible parking spaces for vehicles displaying valid, state-issued disability placards or license plates are reserved near the elevators on each level. Patrons with disability placards may also use valet parking for $23. Parking prices subject to change. For issues regarding Music Center parking, please call Classic Parking at (213) 687-4484

May I bring food or drink into the auditorium?

No food or drinks are permitted inside of the auditorium. Refreshments are available for purchase in the Walt Disney Concert Hall lobbies before the concert and at intermission, but cannot be brought into the seating areas.

May I bring my handbag/backpack into the auditorium?

All bags are subject to search by security officers. Security may require that large handbags or backpacks be left at the Coat Check in the lobby.

What if I'm unable to attend my performance?

All single ticket sales are final, but you may help us allow others to experience music at Walt Disney Concert Hall by donating your tickets for resale; you will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes. The Box Office will accept ticket donations until 5 pm before an evening concert or on the day before a matinee.

You may donate your tickets in one of four ways:

  • Online
    • Log in to your LA Phil Account
    • Click the "View Tickets" button next to the concert for which you have tickets you wish to donate
    • On the page this takes you to, click the "Donate Tickets" button underneath the given concert date
    • Choose the Tickets you wish to donate from the Popup Box which comes to screen.
    • Click the "Donate" button from within the Popup Box.
  • In person - bring your tickets to the Box Office prior to the concert
  • By mail - send your original tickets, along with your name, address, and telephone number, to:
    Walt Disney Concert Hall Box Office
    Donated Tickets Desk
    P.O. Box 861417
    Los Angeles, CA 90086-1417
  • By telephone - Call Audience Services at 323.850.2000 the day before a matinee or before 5pm the day of an evening concert. Please have your tickets handy. You will be asked to provide information from them, including the barcode numbers.

Your tickets must be received prior to the concert. Please note: the Box Office does not receive mail on weekends.

More info here.

What time do the gates open?

Monday and all Lease Events: 90 minutes prior to start time;  

Tuesday/Thurs Classical series concerts: 2 hours prior;  

Wed. Jazz series: 2 hours prior;  

Sunday World Music series: 90 minutes prior;  

All other concerts (including non-subscription shows, as well as any Tues, Wed or Thurs concert not part of Classical or Jazz series): 2 1/2 hours prior

About the Performance

What is classical music?

The term "classical music" can be used in two ways. When it's capitalized, it's usually referring to a historical period (c. 1730-1820), the time of Mozart and Haydn. The other meaning of "classical music" is much broader, covering the entire canon of Western art music, from Gregorian chant to Philip Glass and beyond. It encompasses a vast range of styles, forms and techniques, but in one respect, classical music differs from other types by its use of music notation, which is used by composers to indicate the pitch, speed, meter, rhythms and overall execution of the music. From the simplest song to massive compositions of mind-bending complexity, classical music often attempts to affect the mind, body and spirit in profound ways; the greatest examples succeed in doing just that.

What is a symphony orchestra?

A symphony orchestra is a large ensemble of musicians who variously play strings (violins, violas, cellos, basses), woodwinds (clarinets, oboes, flutes, bassoons), brass (trumpets, French horns, trombones and tubas) or percussion (drums, timpani, bells, etc.). Because of its size (100 or more musicians), an orchestra requires a conductor to keep the players together and present a unified interpretation. Compositions for the orchestra include such works as symphonies and concertos (for soloist and orchestra). Classical music is also written for, and performed by, smaller groups of instruments ("chamber music") or even by just one or two musicians ("solo recital").

How long is my concert?

Most concerts last approximately two hours.

What should I wear?

Never let your wardrobe keep you from a concert! Your experience of the music is what's important, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. As you'll see, a lot of concertgoers wear business attire or casual business attire. We do ask that you refrain from using strong scents, as they may be distracting to other patrons and the performers.

Are there any customs that I need to know?

Although no special knowledge or experience is needed to enjoy an orchestral concert, certain practices have become customary: • After the orchestra is seated, the first person to come on stage is the concertmaster (the lead first violinist), who is greeted with applause and who then initiates the tuning process. Next comes the conductor (with or without soloist), who is again greeted with applause. Once the conductor has bowed and turned towards the orchestra, everyone becomes quiet so the music can begin. • Silence is the canvas on which music is experienced, so for maximum concentration and enjoyment, the audience should be as quiet as possible. In the sensitive acoustics of Walt Disney Concert Hall, even the slightest noise can be a significant distraction. What would normally go unheard in daily life (whispering, humming, tapping, turning pages, etc.) is noticed by everyone around you. Of course, mobile phones and all other electronic devices must be silenced before the performance begins. • When should I applaud? This has been the subject of much debate. The tradition for the last hundred years or so has been to clap only at the very end of a piece, no matter how many individual movements there are. (In a recital, the custom is to applaud after a group of pieces, as indicated in the program.) The purpose of waiting is to maintain an unbroken atmosphere so that the piece retains its unity and that any spell the music has cast remains unbroken. But in earlier times, it was not unusual for the audience to respond with spontaneous applause, sometimes even insisting that a movement be repeated before a piece could continue. Today, as more music lovers attend classical programs for the first time, enthusiastic applause does occasionally break out between movements. If you are worried about when to applaud, the safest course is to wait until the conductor has turned around to face the audience and everyone is clapping.

Group Sales

What is the minimum group size?

All you need is ten people to qualify as a group.

Remember you can take advantage of our payment plan, which will give you time to organize the required amount of people while reserving tickets early for the best possible seating.

When can I make my reservation?

As soon as you pick your date! Advance ordering is the key to good seats. To order your tickets simply call the Group Services Office at 323.850.2050 and we’ll walk you step by step through the process. All you need is the date of your event and an estimated number of tickets you want to book. It’s that easy!

Group tickets for Walt Disney Concert Hall go on sale in early July. Make sure you are a member of our Group Services Email Club to receive notice of our on-sale date.

What kind of discount is available to groups?

Groups receive 20% off the regular adult price of the Terrace and Terrace East/West sections of the theater. We are delighted to be able to offer a student group rate to select performances.

When is the deposit and final payment required?

The 30% nonrefundable deposit is required at time of booking, but final payment is not due until six weeks prior to performance date. If you are booking within six weeks of your performance date, payment is due in full at time of booking. We are happy to offer schools, churches, and City or County Park & Recreation Departments wishing to pay by check a two-week allowance for receipt of check.

Can I change my order?

Yes! Group orders can be adjusted until the time of final payment. However, once final payment has been received there are no refunds or exchanges.

To make things even easier, you can add additional seats even after you have finalized your order with no additional service charge.

Is there a processing fee?

Group ticketing has a flat rate handling fee of $9 per performance, with no per ticket handling fee.

Purchase five or more performances and the handling fee is waived on your fifth performance and every additional performance during that season.

Can my group sit together?

We will make every effort to seat your group together. This is dependent on the availability of seats for a particular performance. Call early for best availability.

Do all the seats have to be located in the same section to qualify as a group purchase?

Tickets can be located in any section as long as they add up to a minimum of ten tickets per concert date.

How long is the performance?

Most concerts are 2-2 ½ hours, which typically includes a 20-minute intermission.

Come early for Upbeat Live, the Philharmonic's free pre-concert event where you can learn about the music on your program. This series is offered for most LA Phil performances and starts one hour prior to performance time.

Bus Parking

Convenient motor coach drop-off and pick-up in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall on Grand Avenue. However, motor coach parking in downtown Los Angeles is very limited. Parking lots capable of accommodating coaches have limited spaces. For large events involving multiple coaches we recommend you call the City of Los Angeles for parking alternatives.

Can I purchase my group tickets in person?

We are happy to have you visit our offices at the Hollywood Bowl in the Camrose Picnic Area but keep in mind our office does not accept cash payments and parking is located across the street in the Hollywood Bowl Lot D-Fairfield parking lot. See Hollywood Bowl Full View Map for location For your convenience, group tickets can be purchased over the phone, via email, fax or mail.

Can my group members adjust my order?

For your protection only the group leader or someone the group leader has designated on your account can make adjustments. If you have someone who will be assisting you, such as a co-chair, secretary/assistant, spouse, relative or co-worker, and you would like them to be able to modify your seats or make a payment, just give us their name and we will add them to your account.

How soon can we get our group tickets?

We start printing tickets the day after the Box Office opens for the season in August. Tickets are printed once your account is fully paid by performance date order. Final payment made at six weeks gets your tickets to you within 30 days of the concert.

Can I purchase parking through your office?

Yes, parking can be purchased when placing your group order. We recommend purchasing parking when you finalize your order, as you most likely won’t know who is attending or how they are traveling until then. Our parking lot is conveniently located just below Walt Disney Concert Hall with elevator and escalator access that brings you directly into the main lobby.

Can I make arrangements for my group to take a tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall?

Self-guided audio tours and guided tours of Walt Disney Concert Hall are offered by the Music Center most days. All tours are an hour long and begin in the Grand Avenue Lobby of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Please visit the Music Center’s Website Tour page to discover your many options Answers to Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to your visit to Walt Disney Concert Hall Box Office Info and Policies.