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YOLA National Institute Share Out 

Jorge AvilaPablo Camacho, Carlos Cano, Francesco Capitano, Madison Centeno Garcia, Jonathan Colon Rosario, Hannah Esquivel, Juan Florez, Marcus Gee, Nataly Gonzalez, Leslie GonzalezAndy Gonzalez Rodriguez, Ingrid Hernandez, Gerdlie Jean-Louis, Danielle Liburd, Geovanny Martinez, Liliana Morales, Gizelle Polanco, Angela Ramirez, Helena Singleton, David Vallejo-Lozano, Jonathan Webb

Adult Accomplices:  
Phil Bravo, LA Phil 
Angelica Cortez, LA Phil 
Ashley HareRE:FRAME Youth Arts Center 
Alex Laing, faculty, YOLA National Institute; principal clarinet, Phoenix Symphony 
Samuel PenaRE:FRAME Youth Arts Center 
Alexandra McWattersRE:FRAME Youth Arts Center
Evan Tobias, Associate Professor of Music Learning and Teaching at Arizona State University

WED / JULY 29 - 12PM PDT

This event has passed

About This Event

Over the course of the last year, the inaugural class of YOLA National Institute fellows started to engage with the following questions:  

  • Who am I? Who are my people? What do I want?  

  • How can we dismantle systems, barriers, and stereotypes with, around, and through music?  

  • How do our people work together with, around, and through music?  

  • How might I find power in my multiple identities with, around, and through music?  

  • How do we switch up the negatives and use criticism to our advantage with, around, and through music?  

Join the Institute fellows, as they share what they’ve learned and what potential projects they have in mind for those interested in engaging with these questions alongside them.  

This event is for…

Young artists, educators, and teaching artists interested in learning about identity, music, and creative youth development


  • What does it mean to be in the YOLA National Institute?  

  • What matters to us as we begin to lean into our careers?  

  • What is it like to try and answer huge questions about music?  

  • What do we hope the future of music looks like?  

How to join

This event has passed

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