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Myth of the New World

Ives & Dvořák Festival Event

Multimedia presentation viewing the new world through the eyes of myth

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About this Performance

Underneath the sense of hope and expansiveness in the New World is a shadow that has been there from its first colonization to the present moment. Dvořák set out to find and compose “American music.” What he created is a collage, suggestions of the hope of immigrants in the boundless space; the presence of slavery; the treatment of Native Americans; and the pristine beauty of the natural resources. Even more poignant today, we hear this music with all its shadows fully in the light.

Join Deborah O’Grady and Melinda Haas for this unique exploration of Dvořák's signature work, Symphony No. 9, “New World,” through the lens of myth as part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Ives / Dvořák festival.

This event will take place in BP Hall and is open to all February 29 concert ticketholders.

Programs, artists, dates, prices and availability subject to change.