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I Heart the Valley

At The Ford

Thu / Apr 28, 2022 - 8:00PM

A Multimedia Panel about the real San Fernando Valley from the people who grew up there




About this Performance

The San Fernando Valley came into the national consciousness with Gen X film classics like Clueless, Karate Kid, Valley Girl, Foxes, and Encino Man, but the Valley is also home to a racially and economically diverse population that was rarely if ever represented in these films. Gen X festival Humanities co-curator Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh writes, “I too was born with a Golden state of mind, spending my entire childhood held captive by the music, fashion, movies, and television of our generation. But it was hard to see myself in celluloid. Everything was whitewashed, glamorized, and dramatized. We were in the background — the wordless classmates in the hallway, delivering a funny quip at best. The 80s offered few positive and nuanced depictions of young Black women in cinema that I could relate to. But I loved these movies, and while I ache for the authentic representation of a young Black Californian girl’s life, I must come to terms with the fact that these movies have a place in my life.” Hosted by Mitchell-Rohrbaugh and featuring special guest and Valley native Patrisse Cullors, this combined video essay screening and panel will move beyond the white gaze of the era’s filmmakers and into the real-life legacies of the Valley.

This event is free and open to the public. It will take place at the Zev Terrace at The Ford.

The LA Phil’s Humanities programs are generously supported by Linda and David Shaheen.

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